Tuesday, December 27, 2016

December 27th, 2016 - Mission Update

Well we made it through another couple of weeks – summer officially started on 12/21 with no notable change in the weather except it seems like a little more hot and humid.   I thought we would be more acclimatized by now.   We have been to most parts of the City of Salvador now, meeting people and doing our work.   The Brazilian people continue to be so great to us – very humble and friendly.   Everyone just has to greet you and if they can help they go out of their way.   When you ask for directions they take at least ten minutes to give you every detail, which usually doesn’t help at all.  

Kaye had an interesting experience – she went to an orphanage and home for the elderly that was started by the same order of Catholic Sisters that Mother Theresa was part of.   Mother Theresa evidently visited it several times.   They don’t have enough room, but take in those that are the youngest and oldest that don’t have anywhere else to go.   Kaye visited as part of an American Group here that help as they can each year. The homes take in the poorest of the poor.   There are a lot more needs than there are resources.   

Despite how friendly the people are – there is a lot of crime.  There were a lot of fireworks and guns going off.  I thought it was just celebrating the holidays.  Evidently they go off whenever a significant drug deal has taken place.   Yikes.

Christmas Eve is a big deal – partying goes on for quite a while.  Kaye and I went crazy and ate popcorn, tortilla chips, ice cream and watched Elf.  

Christmas day was great – we went to two different church meetings and then met up with our area leader at his house.  We had a wonderful time with some wonderful people.   Played some games included a pretty fun game that was called Double Ditto.   Their family is very musically talented and that helped us with some of the sadness we were feeling of missing our family and friends from home.

Back to work today and this week as we go to different parts of the state.   Some pictures attached.  

Some pictures of Kaye and her great work with the girls down here – including a picture of the best Christmas tree.  They are using an image of Trump to sell tennis shoes down here – it’s on all the buses.  At least they say it’s his image.   If so, he will probably want royalties.  Kaye’s first long bus rides – unfortunately the buses don’t have air conditioning, shocks or springs the best we can tell.   They have a separate guy who collects the money and acts like a bus jockey – always coming to the front encouraging the driver to go faster and pass other busses.    We are always amazed at the views we have of the beach.   Since Salvador is a peninsula, the sun rises and sets over the ocean – like an island.  If it could get just a little cooler at night……

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